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Title: untitled (so far)
Characters/Pairings: Phoenix/Edgeworth
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings: Mpreg
Summary: Phoenix is pregnant with Edgeworth's child. Work in progress; kink meme fill.

Phoenix had never been a very good chef, but he liked to think he made a pretty mean omelette, and this was precisely what he was doing when a soft knock sounded at the door to his small but comfortable apartment. He quickly finished the flipping of his egg concoction, wiped his hands on the hand towel that tended to migrate between locations around the tiny kitchen, and hurried to the front door.

"Miles!" he chirped with a little too much enthusiasm as he swung the door open.

"Wright." Miles raised both eyebrows and stepped gingerly into the apartment. "Excited, are we?"

Phoenix shut the door--left it unlocked; he knew how locked doors bothered the other man, even if Miles never admitted that aloud--and grinned broadly. "I guess you could say that. And what did I tell you about formality after-hours, huh?"

"I apologize," Miles replied stiffly, then added with the faintest of twinkles in his eyes, "Phoenix."

"Much better."

"Are you making dinner?"

"Sure am." Phoenix hurried back into the kitchen and shouted into the living area, "But take a seat, because it's just about finished."

It took very little time or effort for the two men to be seated comfortably at the bar (which was just large enough for two barstools) with an omelette heaped on a plate in front of each of them, and a candle lit for good measure. After a couple of bites to sample the omelette, Miles nodded and gave a smile of approval. "Delicious," he said. "You must've gone to a lot of trouble for this."

"Nah, it's just about all I know how to make." Phoenix shrugged off the compliment, but secretly he was always very pleased with himself when he was able to make his lover smile. They had been together officially (if very carefully kept under wraps) for nearly a year, and the smiles had been happening more frequently in recent months. Phoenix loved that.

"We should have some wine with dinner, don't you think? Dinner and candlelight warrants a little wine to top off the evening."

Phoenix shrugged halfheartedly, the sudden suggestion catching him off guard. "I'm okay, actually."

"What?" Miles frowned. "You're never one to turn down a glass of wine."

"It's just an omelette. It doesn't really need wine." Phoenix smiled in an attempt to cover up his failed excuses, but he knew he was fighting a losing battle. Miles was brilliant, and--Phoenix mused in hindsight--might even have brought up the wine purposefully to attempt to wrench the news out of him.

The silver-haired man fixed Phoenix with a pointed stare. "Would you like to tell me what this is all about?"

"Not really," Phoenix replied, his grin lopsided. "Well, I was going to wait until after dessert. It's Jello On A Cloud."

"Phoenix," Miles said, a warning tone in his voice, and Phoenix rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Fine, Miles--you may not believe this, but I'm pregnant."

A thick silence settled almost immediately between the two of them, filling up the air space and hanging on the rapidly cooling food. Miles sat there, staring blankly, for the space of a few minutes. Just as Phoenix was taking a breath to speak up and break the heavy tension in the room, however, the prosecutor cut him off.

"Well then," he said, his voice firm, "I suppose I'll be having wine alone for a while."

"What? You'd drink even when I can't?"

"Of course. And I'll be making certain you don't, as well. And tomorrow during lunch, I'll go to the library and find some books about proper parenting, and prenatal care, too. I want to be sure you're well taken care of--both of you. And you'll be on a strict diet from tomorrow on. No sushi for a while. We'd best schedule an appointment with a good doctor as soon as possible--"

Miles had leapt to his feet and begun pacing through all of this, and Phoenix, smiling, caught him on a pass by the bar, grabbed his arms, and pulled him down into a kiss. When they parted, he whispered, "I love you, Miles."

"I love you, too."

"You're going to drive me crazy for the next nine months, aren't you?"

"Most likely."

"I'm looking forward to it."
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